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Empirical Implications of Statistical Discrimination on the Returns to Measures of Skill,
by Andrea Moro and Peter Norman. Annales d'Économie et de Statistique 71-72, July-December 2003, 399-417
The Effect of Statistical Discrimination on Black-White Wage Inequality: Estimating a Model with Multiple Equilibria,
by Andrea Moro. International Economic Review 44 (2), May 2003, 467-500
Affirmative Action in a Competitive Economy,
by Andrea Moro and Peter Norman. Journal of Public Economics 87 (3-4), March 2003, 567-594
Dynamics of Demographic Development and its Impact on Personal Savings: Case of Japan,
by Albert Ando, Andrea Moro, juan Pablo Cordoba, and Gonzalo Garland. Ricerche Economiche 49, 1995, 179-205.

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